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NO2 Air Pollution

SPACE for Gosforth has produced some air pollution banners for local schools for Clean Air Day 2019. Air pollution is a serious issue in Gosforth due to high volumes of traffic travelling through Gosforth High Street and Haddricks Mill junction. Children aren't responsible for this pollution but they are affected by it, not just when travelling by car or on main roads, but also outside schools and in car parks where there are lots of vehicles in a small area. As adults, and as parents, Read more [...]

Eagle Star House

SPACE for Gosforth received a letter from one of our members in relation to a planning ‘Notification for Prior Approval’ to convert Eagle Star House at the Regent Centre from offices to housing and a potential opportunity to make the currently very busy east-west route between local schools safer for children's travel. We are very grateful to the author for kindly agreeing to allow us to publish the letter and associated graphics. Read more [...]