SPACE tests the air pollution on Gosforth High Street


Air pollution has been in the news since our last post(1), with BBC Newsnight featuring worrying claims about the effect air pollution has on our brains(2).

At SPACE for Gosforth we wanted to find out more about how much air pollution there is here. We are not aware of anyone monitoring levels of pollution on Gosforth High Street so we brought an air pollution monitor there today to try to find out what pollutants Saturday shoppers are exposed to.

Watch out for our report on our findings during the next few days.


We put the air pollution monitor in a pushchair so it is in the same position as a child visiting Gosforth High Street 




(2) starts at around 26 minutes into the programme

2 thoughts on “SPACE tests the air pollution on Gosforth High Street

  1. Kerida

    Well done, you all. I saw you there today, and I am very curious to see what the results are. Thanks for measuring!!!


    I may be mistaken, but isn’t the big green box in the Salters Road car park an air pollution monitor? If not, how is the Council facing potential punitive financial actions without evidence?


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