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Everything wrong with our High Street starts here

I live close to the High Street and can typically walk its length and back in about 15 minutes, on a sunny Wednesday a few weeks ago it took me about an hour. I didn't stop at the shops or get a coffee.  No, I was blindfolded by a nice gentleman called David, accompanied by my new pal Hazel.  They weren't leading me to an execution or a surprise although both transpired in a sense later on.  David is a volunteer Guide for the Guide Dogs charity and Hazel volunteers for RNIB, Guide Dogs and Read more [...]

Pollution on Gosforth High Street – First Results

People in Gosforth are becoming more and more concerned about pollution near major roads and especially on Gosforth High Street. As we have a high proportion of older and younger residents – those most at risk from its debilitating effects – this is not surprising. On Saturday the 17th of October members of SPACE for Gosforth spent time on the High Street with a pollution monitor measuring very fine particles (PM2.5s), one of the most dangerous types of pollution. The monitor ran for over Read more [...]

SPACE tests the air pollution on Gosforth High Street

Air pollution has been in the news since our last post(1), with BBC Newsnight featuring worrying claims about the effect air pollution has on our brains(2). At SPACE for Gosforth we wanted to find out more about how much air pollution there is here. We are not aware of anyone monitoring levels of pollution on Gosforth High Street so we brought an air pollution monitor there today to try to find out what pollutants Saturday shoppers are exposed to. Watch out for our report on our findings Read more [...]

Fixing Pollution on Gosforth High Street

Gosforth High Street is one of the busiest, most polluted streets in Newcastle. It is also a busy shopping centre in a neighbourhood with a high proportion of families and older people – exactly those most at risk from the effects of air pollution. There are a number of ways to deal with these risks, falling broadly into four categories: 1) Replacing or upgrading existing vehicles to run on less polluting fuels or have more efficient engines. 2) Managing traffic flow to minimise stopping Read more [...]

We love Gosforth High Street, but …

"Gosforth High Street is one of the key routes into the city-centre but suffers from high levels of congestion causing long delays for commuters, safety worries for cyclists and poor reliability of public transport, as well as high levels of pollution" This is from the Council website, but is it right? Does it actually reflect the views of those who live in Gosforth? If we want to propose changes to the High Street then we need to be sure what it is we are trying to fix, and what is it that Read more [...]