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Gosforth High Street – Good Policy, Terrible Plan

Newcastle City Council has proposed a new layout for Gosforth High Street. SPACE for Gosforth is very concerned this plan won't make the High Street any safer, doesn't do anything to improve the shopping environment and doesn't appear to be the result of any meaningful community engagement. This is the SPACE for Gosforth response. Read more [...]

Northumbria Police and Crime Plan 2023

SPACE for Gosforth supports well-evidenced initiatives to ensure walking and cycling are safe for anyone who wishes to walk or cycle, regardless of age or ability. An important part of this is road policing, to minimise dangerous and careless driving and other behaviours that create risks for people while walking or cycling. Read more [...]

Air Quality Update 2021

This is our sixth annual pollution blog covering official air quality monitoring in Newcastle upon Tyne. In all six years, air pollution in Newcastle has exceeded legal limits. In 2021, the highest reading was 98μg/m3, over double the limit. Read more [...]

Sat Navs are ruining Gosforth

The website CityMonitor recently published an article "How Google Maps is ruining your neighbourhood". The article explains that, since they were introduced in 2009, Sat Nav apps have caused an increase of traffic on minor roads. While the sales pitch of Sat Nav apps is that they enable drivers to avoid congestion, the actual outcome is that minor roads can now be just as congested as main roads.

In effect traffic has been displaced from main roads onto minor roads. Read more [...]

Haddricks Mill – Return of the Traffic

In this blog we assess the impact of Haddricks Mill roadworks and closing Dene Bridge to motor vehicles.

Just like for Stoneyhurst Road and Salters Bridge, a large proportion of people who responded to the Dene Bridge consultation thought that it would result in displaced traffic and additional congestion on surrounding roads. Read more [...]

Station Road Traffic

Newcastle City Council confirmed in February, following an eighteen-month trial and six-month consultation, that the arrangements at Stoneyhurst, Dene and Salters Bridges would be made permanent to help make local streets safer, cut carbon emissions from driving and promote active travel. Read more [...]

Local Elections 2022

Elections for Newcastle City Council are due to be held on 5 May 2022. This blog looks at what has happened since the local elections in 2021, and what local candidates and political parties are offering now. We have looked at local election manifestos as these are where the parties set out what they want to achieve and how they will prioritise resources to achieve it.   Read more [...]