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Great North Road – Proposed Toucan Crossing

Newcastle City Council is seeking feedback on a new pedestrian and cycle crossing over the Great North Road by the Three Mile Inn. This post explains why SPACE for Gosforth supports the proposed Toucan crossing. You can add your comments on the Let's Talk Newcastle Website.  Feedback must be provided by 9 November 2016. The existing crossing by the Three Mile Inn is a pedestrian footbridge, accessed by a stepped ramp which can become icy in cold weather. While many people can use this footbridge, Read more [...]

Blue House Measures of Success Part 1 | Policies

The Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road junctions need to change - to improve safety, to encourage more people to walk and cycle, to reduce air pollution - but how can we compare alternative proposals for these junctions?   This is the first of three posts covering potential success criteria that can be used to evaluate alternative proposals. The full list of potential criteria is listed in our write up of the second working group meeting.  In this first post the criteria we are looking at are: Read more [...]

Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road Working Group | Meeting#2 – 3/10/2016

The second meeting of the Blue House working group took place on Monday 3rd October 2016. A dedicated website has been developed by the Newcastle University's Digital Civics team who are assisting the Newcastle City Council and the working group members.  This website, has been set up to record the Blue House discussions and to hold supporting documents to the process.  The site is a public site where you are free to add comments or ask questions at the end of the Read more [...]

Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road Working Group | Meeting#1 – 19/09/2016

The first meeting of the Working Group met at the Civic Centre on Monday 19/9/2016 at 18:00.  At the time of writing, it's believed that every group listed in the Terms of Reference (total 20) had a representative, with the Youth Parliament apologising for absence, but would be represented in future meetings.  (**Confirmation required from NCC on final list of attendees) Welcome news was that the Working Group would be supported by Newcastle University Digital Civics, led by Professor Patrick Read more [...]

Public Meeting Summary – “Building the West Gosforth we want” 24/8/2016

"Building the West Gosforth we want" Public Meeting at Trinity, hosted by Chi Onwurah MP our MP, with speeches by: - Catherine McKinnel, Newcastle North MP - Councillor Ged Bell, Cabinet Member for Investment and Development - Graham Grant, Head of Transport Investment Facilitated by Newcastle Digital Civics Department, Newcastle University With the Blue House plans being shelved and the announcement that the Council would engage with community groups and stakeholders, the potential for Read more [...]

Follow-up: Public Meeting: Blue House junction – issues and solutions

A sincere thank you to everyone for taking the time (on a particularly beautiful evening!) to hear our views on the proposals for Blue House to Haddrick's Mill.  It was certainly a very full Trinity.  A special thank you to the Trinity members who helped us with the technology and seating. You can download the slide decks: Context (ppt pdf) Alternatives (ppt pdf) Action: What you can do (ppt pdf) It is important to challenge the proposed plan by Sunday 21st August 2016 to ensure Read more [...]

Everything wrong with our High Street starts here

I live close to the High Street and can typically walk its length and back in about 15 minutes, on a sunny Wednesday a few weeks ago it took me about an hour. I didn't stop at the shops or get a coffee.  No, I was blindfolded by a nice gentleman called David, accompanied by my new pal Hazel.  They weren't leading me to an execution or a surprise although both transpired in a sense later on.  David is a volunteer Guide for the Guide Dogs charity and Hazel volunteers for RNIB, Guide Dogs and Read more [...]

space for Gosforth is launched

  Newcastle City Council will soon release its final plans for Gosforth High Street for one last "technical consultation”. Responding to this consultation is your one last chance to influence how the High Street will look for the next generation. No comment could mean no change, leaving the High Street as one of the busiest, most congested roads in Newcastle: a road choked with traffic during rush hours, exhaust fumes passed from one car to the next; cars and bikes rushing to beat traffic Read more [...]