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SPACE and Chaia | Family Bike Ride

On Sunday 3rd September at 10:00am we’ll be taking a slow ride to Exhibition Park, back through the streets of Gosforth and ending up at the rather wonderful Chaia Tea Bar who have promised a special treat for the kids. We are meeting at Gosforth Central Park War Memorial and the ride shouldn't take much more than an hour or so.  It's not a race and there will be no rush!  We'd like to keep everyone together.  We should be all done by midday. All ages and abilities welcome, we’ll Read more [...]

City Feeder Ride | 2 July 2017 at 10:30am

On Sunday 2nd July 2017 Newcastle will be hosting the HSBC City Ride. The ride takes place in Newcastle City Centre and will be traffic free on closed roads and is for everyone. Whether you're 8 or 80, regardless of your ability, all you need is a bicycle or tandem or tricycle.  In fact any wheeled contraption powered by you!  Oh and it's free! SPACE for Gosforth folks are going to meet up at the War Memorial at 10:30am in Gosforth Central Park and then head off to join the Let's Ride Read more [...]

General Election 2017

With the upcoming General Election on Thursday 8 June 2017 SPACE has taken the opportunity to write to all candidates standing in the Newcastle Central and Newcastle North constituencies (Gosforth straddles both constituencies). The following series of questions we believe are essential to how people move around safely in our community.  This is our request: Congratulations on being selected as a candidate for the Newcastle Central constituency. SPACE for Gosforth is a volunteer led constituted Read more [...]

Blue House Working Group – Through Routes in Residential Areas

At our last Blue House Working Group Meeting in December 2016, the representatives from the various groups were asked to discuss and consult with their respective memberships on the potential impact of people taking short cuts (aka "rat running") through residential streets to avoid the junction and stay on the main roads.  SPACE are aware of other residential streets around Gosforth that are known "rat runs" however, as requested, we are considering residential streets that are likely to be impacted Read more [...]

Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road Working Group | Meeting #6

The Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road Working group met on Monday 12th December.  The notes from the meeting have been uploaded to the working group's website. As with all our meetings, there has been 100% attendance from all of the groups invited, which highlights the importance and acceptance of the process that Newcastle City Council has adopted.  Not forgetting that everyone is also volunteering their time and clearly cares about the outcome. At our sixth meeting we covered the following: Read more [...]

Blue House Measures of Success Part 2 | People Movement

In our second article covering the 'Measures of Success' for the Blue House junction and Jesmond Dene Road we examine criteria to enable People Movement, specifically: Quality of provision for walking Quality of provision for cycling Quality of provision for buses We have focused on these three areas as they conform with Newcastle City Council's policy regarding  hierarchy of users discussed in our previous article on 'Compliance with Adopted Policies'.  SPACE will discuss vehicle Read more [...]

Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road Working Group | Meeting #5

The Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road Working group met on Monday 28th November.  The notes from the meeting have been uploaded to the working group's website. This was our fifth meeting so here's a quick recap of what we've covered already (not in any particular order or priority). From an education and understanding perspective, we've learnt about: City Council policies and how they must be used to influence the design The mechanisms for funding transport plans Data covering collisions, Read more [...]

Great North Road – Proposed Toucan Crossing

Newcastle City Council is seeking feedback on a new pedestrian and cycle crossing over the Great North Road by the Three Mile Inn. This post explains why SPACE for Gosforth supports the proposed Toucan crossing. You can add your comments on the Let's Talk Newcastle Website.  Feedback must be provided by 9 November 2016. The existing crossing by the Three Mile Inn is a pedestrian footbridge, accessed by a stepped ramp which can become icy in cold weather. While many people can use this footbridge, Read more [...]

Blue House Measures of Success Part 1 | Policies

The Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road junctions need to change - to improve safety, to encourage more people to walk and cycle, to reduce air pollution - but how can we compare alternative proposals for these junctions?   This is the first of three posts covering potential success criteria that can be used to evaluate alternative proposals. The full list of potential criteria is listed in our write up of the second working group meeting.  In this first post the criteria we are looking at are: Read more [...]

Blue House and Jesmond Dene Road Working Group | Meeting#2 – 3/10/2016

The second meeting of the Blue House working group took place on Monday 3rd October 2016. A dedicated website has been developed by the Newcastle University's Digital Civics team who are assisting the Newcastle City Council and the working group members.  This website, has been set up to record the Blue House discussions and to hold supporting documents to the process.  The site is a public site where you are free to add comments or ask questions at the end of the Read more [...]